by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

Andrew and I had the chance to see this Wim Wenders documentary at Lincoln Center last weekend in 3D, and it was so beautiful. A touching tribute to dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch by her company, it wove dance segments together with short statements by the dancers about what it was like to work with her.

I spend much of the film marveling at Bausch’s talent and her company’s passion and commitment—and also the range of ages among the company, which made for such a layered and wonderfully diverse feel in their performances. I don’t count myself as an automatic fan of modern dance, but I think I enjoyed it more being closer to the dancers’s faces—there’s something I connect with there that I don’t connect with when I’m too far away to see their expressions.

I was also reminded of just how amazing dance costumes are—how beautifully they’re designed to move with the body. There was a lot of silk used, velvet and even a taffeta. The long silk gowns cut on the bias look a lot like silk nightgowns made during the 20s and 30s, of which I’m a huge fan. I love sifting through search results for those vintage pieces on Etsy or Ebay and I wish it was easier to find reproductions of these styles with modern details. I’ve picked up separates from the Capezio store here in NYC to integrate into my wardrobe before, but I’d love to see a line of simple dance-inspired separates and dresses made from luxurious fabrics.