Dishes That Work All Week

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

My favorite way to save time in the kitchen is to cook a versatile dish on Sunday that I can use all week long in different ways. This week it was herbed lentils with bacon, made with French lentils du Puy.

Herbed Lentils.jpg

Monday I had them for lunch with a piece of toast on the side. Tuesday I had them as a small side to my lamb dinner. Wednesday I topped them with a fried egg for breakfast. On Thursday I added some grilled escarole. And on Friday I scooped the last little bits up cold, on gluten-free crackers, and added a tiny dab of plain yogurt to the top of each.

They were delicious in each incarnation, and the small additions I made meant I didn’t get tired of them—by far my biggest issue with leftovers.