Dogs & Good Design

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

As someone with dogs who cares just a bit about design, it's often difficult to find pet accessories that are a delight to look at. Which is why I'm so happy with the dogs’ new bed, that I picked up at a deep discount from One Kings Lane recently.

Dot on Polka Dots

Dot on Polka Dots

Maggie in what we've taken to calling the sleepy-time raft

Maggie in what we've taken to calling the sleepy-time raft

It's made by Jax and Bones, and the fabric is awesome—a white cotton with flocked black polka dots.  The eco-friendly fill is very plush and the quilted center pad can be removed and washed.  On their site, I see other options that are equally cute.


Flocked prism.

I've tried to make similar choices in other areas of dog stuff.  For an elevated feeder, I chose one from Loll Designs that I also managed to score on sale about a year ago.  It's made from recycled plastic and there's nary an obnoxious logo or print on it.  I love how simple it is, and wiping it clean is an absolute snap. With eight different colors to choose from, it's also easy to find something that works with your decor. Under the feeder, rather than put down some twee paw-printed mat, I picked up a plastic placemat from West Elm.


I'm also a fan of this Zhao feeder, inspired by Chinese antiques.


And this Y Vessel feeder has great lines.


To feed the dogs their wet food in the morning, I use these bowls from Petrageous. I'm not against the occasional canine reference—provided that it's pretty plain.  I draw the line at "Bone Appetit."


To keep the ceramic bowls from slipping and sliding around while Mags and Dot eat, I bought these mats in turquoise.


The bowls don't budge, and any food that gets on the mat can be washed right off in seconds.  Which is more than I can say for the dogs when we get home from the dog park on a muddy day.