Creamy Treats

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

One of my favorite treats is a cashew 'milkshake.' To make, I put some coconut water in the Vita-Mix, drop in a handful of raw cashews, a bit of cinnamon and some vanilla powder. Then I process it on high for a minute or so and the result is a nut milk that's pretty heavenly—very smooth and with an almost whipped texture.

Cashew Milkshake.jpg

On the definitely not dairy-free side, this weekend I whipped up a little vanilla cardamom ice cream based on a custard-based vanilla ice cream recipe in The Perfect Scoop. I thought it might go nicely with a blood orange cake I made with almond flour. I love having my own ice cream machine because it means I can literally make ice cream one scoop at a time. This batch made enough for about two and half scoops, the perfect amount.

I wish I could share the recipe for the cake, but sometimes I bake cakes the way my great-grandmother taught me to: start with flour, baking soda and salt, add some fat (butter or oil), egg, and whatever else you need until it 'looks right.'  That's what I did here. Because I used almond flour, it's not fluffy, but it is delicious.

Cake & Ice Cream.jpg