Long Weekends and Good Food

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

Andrew and I stayed in town this weekend.  It's a fact that one of the best weekends to be in the city is Labor Day weekend.  The weather is usually lovely, and everyone else is out of town, so it's the perfect time to head to that restaurant that you would otherwise not be able to get a a table at, or stay at home and just chill out.

We started our weekend with a trip to Smorgasburg, the outdoor food market adjacent to the Brooklyn Flea.  There we shared a lobster roll; a hot dog from Asia Dog with plum sauce, pork belly and scallions; a chocolate and Early Grey doughnut from Dough; and a BLT from Landhaus with slab bacon and what seemed like half of beefsteak tomato.  Andrew also ordered some fried anchovies from Bon Chovie.  I did not partake, although they looked lovely, if you're into that kind of thing.


Sunday was clean-up/relax day.  It takes me about a day on the weekend to catch up on all the home economics stuff—mending clothes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, getting groceries, going through mail, taking out the trash and recycling, general tidying, etc.  Andrew helps and it still takes the better part of a day every week.  But it's a good feeling when it's all done.

Monday we hung out with the pups and had a leisurely brunch—first coffee and an egg, chive and prosciutto phyllo 'basket'.  To make these, I pressed a little phyllo into a muffin cup, then lined with a bit of prosciutto.  I cracked one egg into the basket, sprinkled with salt and pepper and chive, then baked at 375 for about 12 minutes, until the egg was cooked and the phyllo brown.

Egg Cup.jpg

Then we had a roasted tomato tartine (loosely based on this recipe) with goat's milk ricotta, roasted red and yellow 'sungold' tomatoes, chives and basil from my patio garden, garlic, and balsamic vinegar.  This is another simple recipe—I just cut up the tomatoes and tossed with the oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic.  I roasted for about 25 minutes at 350 in my toaster oven.  Then I toasted the bread, spread some ricotta, added basil and chive, then ladled the roasted tomatoes over the top.

Tomato Tartine.jpg

For dessert, blueberry buckle and a lemon, honey and canary melon sorbet (which melted too fast for a picture).  Rather than eating all in one sitting, we ate in courses with breaks in between.  It was very leisurely and lovely and now all I'll need is a light dinner tonight.

Tomorrow it's back to work, but I feel very rested and refreshed.  Which is good, because I have apartment projects next weekend!