Indoor Picnic

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

Every summer, there's one weekend morning where I wake up and think: picnic.  The weather might not be ideal, but something about the day just calls for alfresco dining.  Today's the day.  Usually I'd go to Prospect Park with a blanket and a basket, but today the plan was just to sit out on the balcony with a plate and a drink.  The clear advantage here: no ants.  And a table to keep stuff up and away from the dogs.


I made a turkey and havarti sandwich for me and a ham and brie sandwich for Andrew.  (With two kinds of mustard, homemade mayo, and microgreens.)  There was also hummus and broccoli, two kinds of cheese and some sprouted grain baguette.  And of course, some dessert.


In the foreground, Black and Blue Pie Bars loosely based on a recipe from Pink Parsley.  These guys are just sumptuous little squares of summer—loaded with blueberries and blackberries, because that's what I had.  And I subbed in mascarpone for the sour cream.

Of course, no summer dinner would be complete without a little cocktail.  Tonight it was The Lady Grey.  I combine Earl Grey–infused vodka, honey simple syrup, club soda and a twist of lemon to make this very drinkable riff on iced tea.


This is my favorite kind of summer meal—simple, unfussy, and delicious.  I like having a spread and tasting a little bit of everything over the course of a few hours, then wrapping up all the leftovers (and we barely made a dent in the hummus, cheese, and bread!) for another day.  Between that, some quinoa leftovers and all the fruit I bought this weekend, I won't have to turn the oven on again until Wednesday. And in New York, in August, that's pretty good news.