Weekend Overview

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

Tried out a couple of new recipes tonight: Carnitas Tacos Roasted with Orange, Milk & Pepper (modified for my crock pot) and a Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa side dish (sans sugar, butter, and vegetable oil).  Both were delicious.

On Friday I bought a deeply discounted 5x8 Surya rug for the living room, in a modified black and ecru houndstooth.  I gave up on the West Elm rug I was stalking when I saw the houndstooth, which is maybe my favorite pattern ever---and this rug was less expensive.  Score.

On Saturday I went to brunch with my friend Laura at Prime Meats and then took a quick stroll through the Film Biz Prop Shop. I got the items I'll need to make mead next weekend.  And I picked up some Neo-Baroque plates from West Elm, to replace my current set that's chipped and scratched (bought them in 2000 and they've been used in 4 states!).

Image from West Elm.

Today I cooked, cleaned, walked the dogs, listened to some new music and read.  Working on Sartre's The Age of Reason and then will start The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.  Andrew did much of the same, and found a couple of outdoor chairs for us to use this summer on our front balcony.  They're clear polycarb and totally awesome.

For the past two summers we haven't had any outdoor furniture, so it's pretty exciting to think that I'll be able to sit outside on Sunday mornings and sip my coffee this year.