Goodbye 2010, And Good Riddance

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

2010 was one messed-up year, and Jezebel sums it up pretty well in a NSFW-post today.  I'm not sure I share quite the same level of vitriol, but I've never been happier to ring out a year and ring in a new one.

Looking forward to lots of new stuff in 2011: joining a gym and getting back in shape, learning how to brew beer, trying new vegan and vegetarian recipes, going out to hear bands play more often, getting a new computer, shooting shorts with my new videocamera, staying in touch with people living far away with Skype and my new web cam, doing yoga, figuring out some new computer apps, working on my writing projects, and continuing to finesse the apartment.  My balcony garden this year is going to be awesome, and I have a bench all picked out to order in the summer so I can sit outside and read.  I want to throw more parties.  I'm going to listen to more music at home.  Maggie and Dottie are getting some behavioral training this spring.  I'm going to finish reading all the books on my Mega-Lit reading list (the same list I've been working on since I was a teenager!).

At the moment I'm taking down the holiday decorations and cleaning up my desk so I have a fresh start tomorrow.  And rockin' out, per my New Year's Resolution, which I'm getting an early start on.