Window Dressing

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

The drapes in 'Wood Ash' arrived, and we put them up this weekend.

Wood Ash Drapes.JPG

They need to be steamed to get the wrinkles out, but for the moment I'm just so happy to have them up.  The color is even better than I'd hoped, it's an off-white without yellow and comes across more as a dove gray.  The silk is beautiful.  And I think it plays nicely with the tone of the teak.


(That would be Rudolph the early holiday decoration in the foreground.)

In trying to capture a full image of the drapes with the gauzey underlayer, I took a picture of Dottie that makes her look like she's on the set of a Hitchcock film.

Dark Dottie.JPG

In reality of course, she looks like this.

Cute Dottie.JPG
Connect the Dot.JPG