by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

So, all kinds of nice things this weekend.  First of all, the weather in New York has been absolutely stunning for the last couple of days.  We currently have windows and sliding glass doors open because it's that sunny and warm.

Also, Andrew and I finally committed to some drapes for the main room (our last drapery holdout).  Pottery Barn is having a sale, so I scooped up some sheer white linen drapes for the underlayer, and Andrew got some silk dupioni blackout drapes in 'Wood Ash' for the top layer.  The sheer layer is perfect for letting all kinds of wonderful light in while still maintaining some privacy, and once we get the silk curtains, we'll be able to pull them shut and watch a movie during the day without getting all kinds of crazy glare on the TV screen.  We did a lot of thinking about colors, and decided to go with the white/off-white combo even though most people wouldn't.  I personally love white with off-white, because I think it's a really fresh and modern combo, the same way I love navy and black together.  I'll update with a picture once we get the silk curtains up.

Then, I checked on my dream mirror, as I do every week to see if it's gone on sale.


It hadn't, but there was a 20% off coupon for Z Gallerie's yearly Friends and Family Sale.  So after some deliberation, I purchased it and am literally floating on a cloud until it arrives.  I love the geometry and the nod to mid-century aesthetics.  It's going to go in the hallway over the bookcase, and I can't wait to put it up.

And lastly, after months of working freelance, my employer made a formal and public statement of intent to hire me during a departmental meeting.  I've been told for months that they wanted to, but this was the first time they told everyone.  Health insurance and holiday pay, here I come.  It's been a bumpy year, but things are starting to fall into place.