The Principles of Organization

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

They go something like this, I imagine: the rate of compliance is equal to the amount of time it takes to keep something organized.  For example, the dog leashes.  They're sort of an eyesore, but we use them three times a day.  I tried to keep them in the cabinet, but putting them away took too much time, so we never did it.  Then I tried to keep them in a box on the floor by the door.  Closer's better, right?  It was open so all we had to do was lift.  But all the bending over got to be a pain and when they were wet from rain they couldn't dry out properly. 

Then I got this cute little dog hook from Anthropologie, screwed it to the wall by the door, and suddenly the leashes get put away every time.  Maybe it's not as pretty as keeping them hidden from view, but it works.