Lost Finale Menu

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

Although I'm not a big TV watcher, there are a few shows that I make time for: 30 Rock, Mad Men, True Blood, and LOST.  LOST is one of those shows that I've loved because it's almost incomprehensible that one of the big networks would fund it for 6 years.  It's got more characters than seems feasible, leans towards melodrama, and is often so confusing and random that it's maddening (a giant foot?  really?).  And yet, somehow it's enjoyable.  I like to think of it as what might happen if a Dadaist and a network exec wrote a series together (smoke monsters! classic hour-long structure!).  I admire the fact that they've risked losing the fan base by getting weirder and more hermetic over time, that they've left things unanswered FOR YEARS, and that they've persevered despite some writing setbacks (season 3).  What writer hasn't painted themselves into a corner, then tried to make it look intentional?

In honor of the LOST series finale tonight, Andrew and I came up with a little LOST-inspired menu.  You have NO IDEA how badly I wanted to make We Have To Go Baby Back Ribs.  But Andrew wanted to make Thai Shrimp Curry, and I love Thai curry.  People, he makes this stuff from scratch without a recipe.  It never ceases to amaze me.

I made Frozen Donkey Wheels (blended lime margaritas).  To make these, I juice a bunch of limes (and a few lemons if I have them), add the juice of an orange or two, then stir in some agave nectar to taste.  I add this to the blender, along with ice and some 100%-agave tequila.  We're serving these in our Dharma glasses tonight, with a rim of smoky (monster) sea salt.  Or you can think of it as a ring of ash, if you like.  We tried to make the lime garnish look like a frozen donkey wheel by rolling it in granulated sugar.

Frozen Donkey Wheel.JPG

And for dessert we're going to have coconut cake, or as I'm calling it, The Incident.  The recipe is from The Joy of Cooking.  The coconut-caramel-brickle icing was a disaster, which unintentionally worked out perfectly with the theme.  Shortly after this photo was taken, it was moved to a containment unit.