Dream Furniture: Painter's Armchair

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

Last year, I was obsessed with finding the perfect watercolor-print dress for spring.  The inspiration was a gorgeous Anthro dress that I was waiting to purchase until it went on sale; sadly, it sold out in a couple of weeks.  I was bummed, but I started looking around to see if I could find something similar.  I'm picky about my prints, so it took awhile.  But eventually I found my perfect print in a hand-dyed silk dress from Zara.

Watercolor Dress.JPG

It's one of those sack-on-the-rack-glam-on-the-ma'am type of dresses.  The kind that look like a trash bag until you put them on, and then by some unseen virtue of construction or fabric, drape like the god's cloth and make a girl look like a million bucks.  I've worn this dress so many ways---with tights and heels, with a belt and jeans, with leggings and motorcycle boots, with a scarf, with a long sweater.  You name it, it looks good with pretty much everything.  The watercolor detail is divine, and when I wear it I feel wrapped in a painting.  So it's done little to convince me that I don't need more painterly prints in my life.

This is all to say that Anthro has the most amazing AbEx chair right now.


The fabric is an 'abstracted print of a girl swimming', and if I look closely, I can see the girl's head at the bottom of the top cushion, but I never would have noticed it without the description.  I love how the classic MCM lines contrast with the abstract quality of the print and how the colors seem to drip down the upholstery, adding tension to a still piece.  Of course, it's like $1600.  And that price is, especially for an unemployed person, patently insane.  But I'm not giving up on this idea, because I think it would make a great DIY project.  All I need is one inexpensive MCM chair that needs a little TLC, my sewing machine, and the perfect fabric (or some canvas and fabric paints).  So the hunt continues!