Non-Alcoholic Beverages

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

I love creative, unusual cocktails.  One of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn is The Farm on Adderley, and they clearly have an expert mixologist on staff.  They change their cocktail menu with the season, and their current lineup is awesome.  I had the Beekeeper's Tonic recently, and it was a totally singular experience.  Delicious!

At home, I usually have the ingredients on hand for some new favorite drink---for a while it was an Earl-Grey-infused vodka which I paired with a bit of honey liqueur and club soda.  Before that, it was a Canton (ginger-flavored liqueur) and white rum drink.  And before that, it was an elderflower cocktail with St. Germain, champagne, club soda, and lemon.  But this year I'm thinking that I'd also like to test some non-alcoholic drinks and add them to the repertoire.  Honestly, I just love the ritual of pouring things together into one of my vintage glasses and enjoying a cool, refreshing, flavorful beverage.  It doesn't need to have a kick to it to be enjoyable.

With that in mind, I bookmarked a recent article on shrubs, or drinking vinegar.  Mostly because I was like, I have all those ingredients!  It's just apple cider vinegar and fruit that you let sit out at room temp for a week, then boil with sugar.  The shrub drink consists of some of this chilled concentrate mixed with club soda.  But frankly, I'm willing to try any recipe that says "Do not be alarmed by the smell or the sludge on top."  SOLD.

I started with an organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and organic strawberries.


It's been four days so far and still no sludge.  I'm a little disappointed.


Three more days and I'll be able to boil it and try one of these unusual cocktails.  I'll report back with my results.