Mediterranean Night

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

This week I was craving falafel and decided to try and make some from scratch.  Then I decided to make hummus and tzatziki sauce as well. Before I knew it, I had a full-scale Mediterranean operation on my hands. 

I started by rehydrating two bags of garbanzo beans.  This my friends, is a lot of beans.  I'd somehow convinced myself it wasn't that much because they look so innocuous in their dried state.


I let them plump up for about 24 hours, then boiled them for two.  After cooling and straining, I placed the beans between two dry towels and gently rubbed them to remove their papery skins.  I was left with a lot of cooked beans.


I found a hummus recipe, added all the ingredients to my Vita-Mix and processed them.  Super easy.  I also added some roasted orange bell pepper, which I hoped would give the flavor a little depth.  Here it is, in the midst of getting pulverized.


The finished result, after sprinkling with a little zatar seasoning (containing sumac).


Delicious!  Then I made falafel from this fantastic recipe, and some wonderful tzatziki sauce from some strained low-fat yogurt (my tip, use a cheesecloth!).  The end result, when layered on a pita and topped with a bit of feta, was absolutely heavenly.