Homemade, Grain-Free Dog Biscuits

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

I love having some treats on hand for the pups, but the grain-free ones I like to buy are kind of expensive.  It's annoying, because when I look at the list of ingredients, I don't see anything exotic: garbanzo bean flour, eggs, duck liver, etc.  So today I thought I'd try to whip up a batch on my own, using the ingredient list of their favorite treats as a guide.

I started by toasting two bags of dried garbanzo beans (chickpeas) in the oven at 350 degrees.


After letting them cool, I poured them into the 'dry container' of my Vita-Mix.  This container is designed for processing things into flours.  I also dropped in a couple of cloves of garlic.


After processing, i dumped the now-fine powder into a bowl that already contained a mixture of beef liver (about 3.5 pounds) and 4 eggs.  The liver I had also processed in my Vita-Mix, in the 'wet container'.


I stirred these together until everything was blended, and then I added a package of shredded cheese.  Then I poured the mixture into two foil-lined pans.


These went into the oven for 25 minutes at 300 degrees.  After letting them cool, peeling off the foil, and cutting them into strips, I have dog biscuits!  They look like brownies but smell like liver falafel.


The dogs were very interested.


Dottie was so excited she couldn't even hold still!  Maggie's a pro.


Maggie savored her biscuit, while Dottie scarfed.  The rest will go into the refrigerator (no preservatives!) and be doled out as needed (probably daily!).

I think this recipe could be very flexible.  More liver, less eggs, more garbanzo bean flour, or other additives could sub in easily.  The only real concern is that you want to tinker until you get the consistency about right.  Too much moisture and they won't solidify enough while baking and will spoil faster---too little moisture and they'll be tough and dry.  But the recipe is very flexible and forgiving.  Much like dogs.