Don't Give Up!

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

I finally got around to framing my Print Liberation poster.  At the time I bought it, I had no idea this phrase would become my personal battle cry of 2010.  Because the print is an unusual size, I had somewhat despaired of finding a reasonably-priced custom frame solution here in the city.  But a friend recommended American Frame, so I plugged in all the dimensions and got a really good quote.  They throw in a free mat board with every frame, but due to the size of this project I decided to forgo a mat and push the print (which already had suitable white space) out to the edge of the (indigo/radius) metal frame.

The results, after assembling it and hanging it up on my poetry bookshelf.


I honestly feel better every time I see it.  I know that the Keep Calm And Carry On prints are popular these days, and I am a big subscriber to that modus operandi as well.  But frankly, I think that keeping calm is for amateurs.  I mean, it's all well and good, but let's cut to the chase, people.  The point is to not give up.  No need to sugarcoat the message with some find of fancy alliteration.  Just give it to me straight, in red block letters.