A Couch To Build A Dream On

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

I love Anthropologie's home furnishings and collect the layouts from their catalogs for inspiration.  I think the way they layer textures and color and prints is lovely, modern, and refreshingly unique.  But their stuff is so expensive.  For example, this amazing couch.  Only $6,000!


Or this charming embroidered chair. Yours for only $800.


So, yeah, no Anthro furniture for me any time soon. It would be a waste in my household anyway, as I have two adorable dogs that take precedence over fancy couches.  Two weeks of a yellow leather couch combined with two dogs that like to jump and sleep and scratch and play over most surfaces in the apartment would be a complete disaster.

However, as someone who's always trying to reconcile budget living with some sense of style and and pragmatism, I'm always looking for the holy grail of furniture.  For me, that's vintage + cheap + unusual + colorful + classic lines.  And every once in a while, I hit the jackpot.


I am perfectly aware that this couch (and its colorway and print) would not be for everyone.  Yes, those are butterflies.  (Yes, Andrew is very secure in his masculinity.)  But for me, it combined a lot of what I love about the furniture I see for sale at Anthropologie with an extremely accessible price point (read: inexpensive!).  And yet again, it's another reason for New Yorkers to think outside of the box when shopping for furniture.  If I'd found this couch for sale via Classifieds here in NYC, it would not only go for 4x what I paid for it, it would probably have sold in under an hour.  Instead I found it on eBay, and even with the (reasonable) shipping fee, it's still way under the budget that Andrew and I set for additional seating in the living room.

I'm so excited to see it in person.  I love yellow and camel together as a color combination, and this will play off the teak dining set so nicely.  The colors in the print will also be determining the wall color for the living/dining area, as well as the curtains and any additional pieces we add.  With orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, grey and black present in the print, I should have no shortage of options.