Awkward Space Makeover

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

My apartment has some decidedly awkward spaces in it, but none was more confounding than this little alcove in the office.  It measures 15" across and 6" deep on the left and 10" deep on the right, and it's just large enough to be tantalizingly accommodating (of something!)---but I wasn't sure what I could possibly find to fit in there.


The space seemed made for shelves, but the thought of ordering more customized shelving was not appealing.  Anything customized is pretty pricey, and I was looking for something a little

Then my mom sent me a couple boxes of books I'd loved and read over and over in my childhood.  (Thanks, mom!)

I recalled that I'd seen shelves made of books in other people's apartments, and I'd really enjoyed the whimsical take on book as shelf surface.  For me books are something I associate with total and complete happiness, and I was what I believe they call an insatiable reader as a child.  Rather than shelving the books my mom sent me and forgetting about them, I thought it might be nice to incorporate a few of them into the design of the room where I could see and appreciate them every day.

I found some very affordable shelving units made by Umbra that allow one to create a shelf from a stack of books without damaging them at all, and presto, I now have a fun little row of book 'shelves'.  I mixed together poetry books with books on exploration and childhood faves.


Underneath, I slid the rustic table/stool that I repainted over Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a dull black when I acquired it, and I was looking for a fresh coat of something with a little more sheen.  I ended up choosing two colors, Mythic paint shades Cloud Burst (deep blue-grey-black) and Deep Well (saturated dark navy blue).

First I sanded the top down, then I used some handy-dandy wood filler to fill in some of the more 'rustic' gaps.


I gave it two coats of paint, with Deep Well on the seat and Cloud Burst on the legs.  I finished the piece with two coats of clear poly.


I'm loving the finished space, it's like a welcoming little book nook.  Of course, my reading cubby of choice will remain a window seat, but in a small-space apartment, I'm going to make do.  :)  Some day I still hope to have a home with an actual library!