The Holiday Door

by Anchor-Of-My-Eye

This year, I feel more of the holiday spirit than I usually do, perhaps because I’m prepping for my vintage-inspired Christmas Party.  That may explain why I’ve already set up my Christmas tree.  Would you believe that I initially did it just to make sure I had room, and then decided to leave it because it cast such a lovely glow?

But the adorning of the door is my favorite holiday project, as I love a cheery wreath.  This year, I made the pilgrimage to the brand new Michael’s Craft Store on the upper west side and picked up a roll of ribbon and a plain $6 wreath.  I added a couple of little embellishments---some holly berries and silver fronds.  It's a terrible picture, because the hallway is so dark and the flash washed everything out.  But it has a lot of color and sparkle up close.


My mother co-organized a gigantic craft fair in Seattle for like 12 years, but her daughter cannot tie a bow to save her life.  

While I was at Michael’s, I also spotted this totally kitschy candy-inspired wreath.  It struck me as retro and I was kind of in love.  I added a bow and used more ribbon to create a door hang on my laundry closet. 


And just to temper these holiday decorations, I added an ornament I made when I was in preschool to my refrigerator.