My Top 5 Picks from the new IKEA Catalog

by Anchor-of-My-Eye

This is not a drill.  The 2015 IKEA catalog landed in my mailbox on Friday, and I'm liking some of the new releases and their increasing focus on sustainability.

1. PS Storage Module, $34 

Love the clean lines here and pop of color.  This is one of those IKEA products that could be used in a variety of different ways, to build a modular bookshelf or as a side or bedside table.

2. PS Wardrobe, $ 179

This is just fun.  The wardrobe comes with colorful plastic squares that can be snapped on to create patterns or images.  How awesome would it be to style one of these with a Space Invaders graphic and then use it to store stuff in a computer room?

3. Torkis Flexible Basket, $4.99

For $5, it's tough to go wrong with a flexible plastic basket that can be used in almost endless ways around the house.  It would be great for laundry, or to store toys, garden tools, or cleaning supplies.

4. Humlare Bag, $24.99

Everyone has seen the iconic blue plastic IKEA bags being used long after they brought items home from the store. I've seen them used to tote laundry to the laundromat, as liners in push carts for grocery hauls, and even on balconies and roofs as planters.  Now IKEA has a waterproof bag specifically designed for carrying stuff on the shoulders, in a shape that's reminiscent of military bags that can be carried as duffels or worn as a pack. This is pragmatism at its affordable best.

5. PS Pendant Lamp, $69.99

This pendant is adjustable—a cord opens the orb to release additional light and reveal a geometric arrangement of plates.  This design looks super-IKEA-y, so it's not one of their pieces that you'd be able to customize.  But I like the quirky, futuristic take on a sputnik chandelier.