The Greenhouse Effect

by Anchor-of-My-Eye

Happy Jade.jpg

I don't know why it took me so long to fall in love with indoor plants.  Maybe it was a factor of moving so often for so many years?  The only plant hardy enough to survive repeated relocations and occasional forgetfulness on my part was my old dear friend the jade plant.  And when I say forgetfulness, I mean outright neglect—I once forgot I'd stashed her in a windowsill for over a year, and when I discovered her, she was just fine.  Jades are the happy little tanks of the plant world. She's looking quite healthy these days.

Since I've settled into this apartment and have adopted a slightly more regular life, the plants, they have found me.  Or I have found them, one at a time.

Indoor Plants 1.jpg
Indoor Plants 2.jpg
Indoor Plants 3.jpg

My collection of planters and plants is now at the point where I need to stop, or we'll be overrun.  I'll make an exception for the spider plant, one of my favorites.  I bought one and now have many, in part because it propagates itself so readily. It does so by sending out little 'babies' on shoots that are miniature spider plants.

Spider Plant Shoots.jpg

I've enjoyed trimming these carefully from the shoot (you have to be careful not to damage the burgeoning roots) and cultivating them to give away or just add to other spots in the house.  They're cheerful little guys, and apparently are very good at 'scrubbing' the air of toxins. Here are two babies that are just getting started in a new planter.

Spider Plant Babies.jpg