Dining Chairs

by Anchor-of-My-Eye

While other areas of the apartment have been getting a lot of love lately, the dining area has been patiently waiting its turn.   When we first moved into the apartment, we bought a teak dining set—an enormous, oversized hutch and credenza that came with a nondescript teak table and chairs.  The upholstery on the chairs was shredded from the previous owners' overzealous cat, so I recovered the seats.

The idea was always to reconsider the table and chairs after a few years. The finish on the table causes spotting when fluids come in contact with it, so it's been a constant battle to keep my plants from damaging the surface. And although the reupholstery on the chairs definitely made them workable, I'm not a huge fan of the shape—and most unpardonably, they're as uncomfortable as all get out.

So, enter the candidates for a wipedownable, more comfortable, more stylish dining chair!  I'd prefer to steer away from wood and fabric—too much maintenance.  That will definitely limit the comfort, but wash-and-wear is more important to me if I have to choose.  

I love this Piero Lissoni Audrey chair so much.  I bet those perforations would get a little dusty, but I could give them a scrub with a soft damp brush from time to time.

And, ok, this Era round armchair has a cane seat so it's pretty much the opposite of wipedownable.  But I love the lines.   

These spindle back armchairs are powder-coated steel, but manage to look delicate.  And they're on sale!

Oh yeah, one more criteria for the chairs—no visible stainless/chrome.  Because I bought a vintage brass sputnik Emil Stejnar chandelier this spring that I'll be suspending above the table and I don't want the metals to clash.  More on that soon.