I Reserve the Right to Change My Mind

by Anchor-of-My-Eye

So, remember when I repainted the vintage Hollywood Regency hutch, taking it from speckled, '70s mustard yellow to modern, bright yellow?  Well, after about a year of living with that color, I decided that it was Just. Too. Much.  And then I began my love affair with Farrow & Ball Pitch Black.  And it was all over but the crying.

Pitch Black Hutch.jpg

That's several coats of Pitch Black, plus the custom dove gray wall color on the back panel and hardware.  I love it.  I'm a bit annoyed that I spent all that time painting it yellow, but this is the way things go.  Sometimes you pick a color you love and you outgrow it or decide that it doesn't have a place in the design you're making. 

As further evidence of my new interest in black as a unifying element, I've started working on an art wall over the couch.  Earlier this year, it was just one little painting. Now I've got a bunch of pieces up.  They look a little crooked in this shot—I should do some adjusting.  As usual, Maggie presides over all items in the house as chief curator.

Art Wall.jpg