by Anchor-of-My-Eye

Ah, summertime in NYC.  In my neighborhood in Brooklyn, people are hanging out on stoops and in clusters of folding chairs after the sun goes down, the smell of garbage on trash days is redolent enough to make a person dry heave while walking to the train, and the sound of gunfire can be heard on Sunday afternoons.  Meanwhile the humidity is so thick you can practically see it in the air like fog. It's the time of year you just try to survive—because the payoff is fall in NYC, and it's totally worth it.

On my list of necessities for getting through the summer?  Sunblock, plain seltzer, electric fans, AC, Netflix, and Micheladas.  Perhaps the ultimate summer 'beertail', Micheladas marry heat, citrus, and beer in a concoction that manages to be both cooling and warming, refreshing and spicy. When I recently invested in a bottle of Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters' siracha bitters, I knew that it was about to take our Michelada game up a notch.  And so it did.

Michelada Fixins.jpg

Andrew's Michelada Recipe

One bottle of Pacifico

One ounce of tequila or mezcal

Juice from half a lime

Dash of Worcestershire sauce

Slice of jalapeño (as large as you can handle) 

A few drops of agave nectar

4–5 drops of Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters siracha bitters

Sprinkle of salt

Add lime juice, agave, salt, jalapeno and bitters to a glass.  Add beer and stir gently.  Enjoy!

Michelada In Progress.jpg