Better Blue

by Anchor-of-My-Eye

Yesterday, the materials for my next big project arrived.

Those are flatpacks filled with glossy white closed-door cabinets for the office that will span the length of the back wall.  Below the cabinets I'll install a shallow white wood shelf, and then under that, two custom-length Parsons desks with a white glass top.  Andrew and I will each have a 65" desk space and can store items on the shelf and in the cabinets above.  I also ordered us each a little set of white drawers for more storage under the desk.

This will really streamline the office and free up a lot of space.  I also plan to build out a window seat, add a sill to the window, and replace the drapes.  We already installed a custom Solar Shade from The Shade Store in February.

In planning out the room, I took the opportunity to reevaluate the wall color.  When I picked this blue, I had just moved in—and the opportunity to add color to the walls after years of being a renter was too much for me to handle responsibly.  The first few colors I selected were more suited for an Easter egg than a wall.  After living in the space for a while, I now know that I prefer neutrals or pale colors on the walls so that I can use furniture or accessories to provide smaller, more manageable pops of color. I still wanted the walls in this room to be blue, but a much softer, lighter blue.

To get to my ideal shade, I started out with a pale Farrow & Ball base: Cabbage White.  Then I added three sample pots of Blue Ground to it.  The result is a subtle blue that almost looks white against the current color.  I hope it will give the room a lighter feel and be more versatile than the current color, which is a little darker and more pastel than the photo suggests.